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In the past 14 years, we’ve written
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promotional products companies. 

Curious about our approach to crafting
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these favorites from recent years +
a couple from the archives.

Zagwear Acquires Arrow Promotional Creates Larger Presence In US And UK Markets

When Toby Zacks, Zagwear CEO, reached out to get this press release written, it was a unique situation: He already had a press release written by a freelance writer outside the promotional products industry. But he wasn’t happy with the existing content for a number of reasons. 

Looking for a content team that specializes in working with promotional products professionals and has the right industry experience, he turned to us.

While the initial thought was to tidy up the text so it was written properly for the promotional products industry media, the reality was that we needed to start from scratch to truly capture Zagwear’s brand voice and properly tell the story of the acquisition.

In addition to crafting the acquisition messaging, we also updated Zagwear’s company bio for the boilerplate so that it clearly communicates what Zagwear does and how they do it.

Check out this example of a mergers and acquisitions press release here

See the coverage by ASI here, via Promo Marketing here, in PPB magazine here and at Sourcing City News UK here.

Corporate Specialties Named One Of The Nation’s Fastest Growing Companies Ranks #97 On The Initiative For A Competitive Inner City’s Annual Inner City 100 List

Corporate Specialties President Valerie Hayman Sklar is passionate about the revitalization of Detroit. So when the organization was named as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies in under-resourced communities by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, we had to share the honor. 

The press release details how the Inner City 100 list was determined, spotlights Corporate Specialties’ growth, even during Covid-19, and showcases the company’s support for charitable organizations.

See how we combined a number of different elements into a cohesive press release here

Read the coverage by PPB magazine here and ASI here; see the profile on here.

Additionally, the press release landed Corporate Specialties even more publicity when Hayman Sklar was featured in the PPB magazine feature Tough Times, Stronger Companies.

Forbes Councils bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world. So when Valerie Hayman Sklar, Corporate Specialties president, was accepted into the organization’s ranks, we knew it was a perfect opportunity to share the news with the promotional products industry media.

See how we developed the messaging for this press release here

Check out the coverage by Detroit Business here and PPB magazine here, and read Valerie’s articles (which we have ghostwritten) on here.

Hexa|Custom Debuts 100% Customizable Premium Outerwear To Bring Brands To Life The Automated Design & Manufacturing Platform Customizes Every Jacket Component

Hexa|Custom is unlike any supplier in the promotional products industry. They manufacture custom vests and jackets—with a minimum of one!!—in men’s and women’s sizing from XXS-XXXL that can be further tailored in terms of fit (slim, regular, full) and sleeve length (short, regular, long). What’s more, the garments are divided into seven panels, each of which can be customized from a palette of 23 colors developed by trend experts. 

But that’s not all. Hexa|Custom built a proprietary technology platform that allows distributors to design garments, get automated quotes based on features selected and place the order—all online.

While Hexa|Custom has years of experience in retail manufacturing, the company hadn’t worked in promotional markets before. They turned to us not only for creating the press release but also counsel on the intricacies of how the industry works so they could better meet distributors’ needs..

It was our honor to introduce Hexa|Custom to the promotional products industry, and help them secure their first media placements, which included this feature story + podcast with ASI, this product spotlight in PPB magazine and [this feature in Printwear].

For an example of how we can create strategic corporate messaging that balances what a company wants to say with what the media needs to receive, check out this press release here.

EME Launches Wired Events The Virtual Events Provide Private One-On-One Meetings Between Top Suppliers & Distributors

Exclusive Meeting Events (EME) is the originator of the invitation-only, one-on-one formatted meetings that bring top distributors and suppliers from across the nation together. But when in-person conferences were canceled in 2020, EME organizers were left scrambling with what to do next. 

While virtual events are commonplace today, when this press release came out in August 2020, EME was one of the first industry companies to develop a digital solution. 

As a foundational component in EME’s communication plan, this press release allowed them to introduce the virtual event concept to their customers and further develop ongoing messaging throughout their marketing channels.

See how we put it all together by reading the press release here.

Hub Pen & Walker-Clay Run For Charity Fourteen Run To Benefit Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center

Every now and then, there’s an opportunity to write a press release that’s more about fun than business. And since we’re big fans of running, this press release about supplier Hub Pen (as it was known then) and distributor Walker-Clay teaming up to run for charity was super fun to write.

Not only did we recap the race, including results and photos, we were also able to spotlight the charity hosting the event: the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, a not-for-profit organization that provides outdoor adventure and experiential learning programs for young people from diverse economic backgrounds. 

Press releases about charitable activities are beneficial because this kind of good news shows another side to a company beyond new hires, expansions, M&A, etc. and demonstrates involvement in the community. See how we crafted this one here.

While we love this press release, it is from the archives and most of the media coverage is no longer online. But, thankfully, the folks at Promo Marketing still have it published here.

QCA Files For Not-For-Profit Status Quality Certification Alliance Makes Progress On Becoming A Membership-Based Organization

When Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) formed in 2009, the 14 founding members had a vision of building an independent accreditation organization that addressed the need for measurable compliance, and particularly product safety, within the promotional products industry. 

It was an exciting time to be a part of QCA, right from the very beginning just as the organization formed and was ready to debut itself to the industry. Messaging was critical, as this was a totally new concept. We had to get everything right.

At that time, very few industry firms were talking about product safety and social responsibility. QCA helped light the way, and this press release introduced the alliance to the industry. 

While press coverage from more than a decade ago is no longer online, you can read the press release here.

QCA Members Vote To Wind Down The Organization No New Applications Are Being Accepted: Current Participants Supported Through August 1

During our time working with QCA, we wrote nearly 70 press releases, 50 blog posts, dozens of earned media articles and hundreds of social media posts. She wrote the first press release in 2009 (featured left), and it’s fitting that she wrote the final press release and blog post for winding down the organization in 2020. 

This one was by far the hardest one we’ve had to write. As passionate proponents of product safety and responsible sourcing, we were heartbroken that there wasn’t enough industry support for QCA to continue. Additionally, the messaging in this press release had to be even more on-point than any of the others we’d written, explaining why the organization wasn’t continuing while summing up the legacy QCA left the industry.

Curious how it turned out? Read this press release here.

Since this was big news across the industry, we received great coverage at Promo Marketing here, PPB magazine here and ASI here

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