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Content Matters Media

At Content Matters Media, we create turnkey blogging, publicity and branding programs for the promotional products industry. We help suppliers, distributors and business service providers strategically integrate content into their marketing programs so they can elevate their brand image, connect with ideal clients, support the sales process, improve customer loyalty and ultimately grow their businesses.

Our Story


Founded in 2008 by Lisa Horn, Content Matters began as a freelance writing service for the promotional products industry. From there, the company grew into a fractional content marketing firm where Lisa served as a director of marketing for a handful of clients + editor-in-chief for two association publications outside the industry.

Today, Content Matters Media serves as a creative agency for promotional products professionals by offering turnkey blogging, publicity and branding services.

We manage the entire content creation process—from developing the content strategy and building creative briefs to hiring and managing freelance and in-house writers, proofreading, editing, selecting images, completing quality control and delivering assets.

This allows promo pros to have the best of both worlds: They have the strategic content needed to attract ideal clients and support the sales process without having to hire and manage in-house staff, AND they can stay in their zone of genius, creating compelling campaigns with branded merch + growing their business.


Lisa Horn

Founder & CEO

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Gatzby Ezekiel

Client Relations

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